What is “Dogging” – The Truth about Dogging in Australia

What is “Dogging” – The Truth about Dogging in Australia

What is “Dogging” – The Truth about Dogging in Australia

The Truth You Should Know about Dogging in Australia
Whether you believe it or not, dogging is becoming a hugely popular activity in Australia. However, still, there a few Aussies who are yet to come terms with dogging. No, it’s not taking your dog for a walk. By the way, the origin of the term dogging does not have any relation with taking a dog out for a walk. Now, if you are one of those people who are still wondering what is dogging, then, in this article, let’s discuss that and give you in-depth and authentic information about dogging in Australia.

Let’s Understand Dogging

The act of dogging is more exciting than you can ever imagine. Have you ever imagined something like getting banged by a stranger in a car park and random strangers are watching it just for entertainment? It is what dogging is all about. Those who are participating in dogging are called ‘Joiners’ and others who watch the action unfolding are called ‘Watchers’. Whether you are a joiner or a watcher, dogging can be great fun for you.

When IT All Began?

Many think that dogging started in Britain in the last decade and gradually became very popular with time. However, now, dogging is very popular all over the world. Dogging has also become a popular activity in Australia as there are many places where dogging happens regularly. This type of sex generally occurs during the evening, but some people also like to have sex during the day time in a place famous for dogging in Australia.

What is the X-factor in Dogging?

The term dogging is a slang term for many, but, it certainly has some x-factors that made it so popular in Australia. First of all, people try to find the logic behind dogging. Look, most people like to watch sex on the screens of their gadgets. So, when you can watch sex live, it will become more exciting. You have to go to the place and watch the action unfold.

If a place near you is a popular spot for dogging, then, you can rest assured you will know it. Also, you can join a dogging community to get information about the dogging activity near you. Others in the community will inform you about couples who will perform the activity at a certain place.

Apart from that, there are websites where couples inform others about the sex event they are organizing, and you can join it. Also, while watching couples having sex, no one will hold you back to masturbate. That is why many people are fond of dogging.

Number of Places for Dogging in Australia

Australia is a large country. People here are very frank and open-minded. There are many places in Australia where public sex happens, and those places are very popular. So, if you want to watch couples having sex in public, then you can go to a place where dogging will take place. Here is a chart of some places where public sex happens in Australia.

Number of Dogging Locations in Australia

Some Important Dogging Rules You Need to Remember

If you are looking to have public sex with a stranger as a part of dogging, there are certain rules that you should follow. You will find many websites where people list down the rules for dogging. These rules are;

When it comes to public sex, you should follow the command of women.
The number of men involved in public sex is huge, and that is why in dogging, women get the upper hand always.

Turning on the headlights of your car can make the public sex more visible, but, it also makes it easier for other people to spot the action. So, you can get into trouble as well.

People searching for gay partners for sex can flash their brake lights to indicate they are looking for partners in dogging.

Moreover, it can be an invitation for people who love to watch gay dogging.
You should come to a public sex show like dogging before the actual action begins. Otherwise, you can end up doing a creepy act like disturbing a couple having sex in their car.

Risks Involved in Dogging

You should know that dogging name is very, very notorious in some places. Many people can also comprehend it as a slang term. That is why only understanding dogging will not be enough for you. Here are some risks that you will have to avoid if you want to go for dogging.

Unprotected sex is a major issue in dogging which you need to avoid.

Watchers enjoy rough sex, but you should do that with safety.

When you are doing public sex, make sure you don’t take any drug that will make you vulnerable.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know and most of the other things associated with it. So, if you feel like doing it in Australia, you will have ample scope. So, keep your safety as a priority before indulging in an act like dogging.

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