What is “Dogging” – The Truth about Dogging in Australia

What is “Dogging” – The Truth about Dogging in Australia

What is “Dogging” – The Truth about Dogging in Australia

There are a lot of people who would say that using condoms while having sex can be very uncomfortable for them. This explains why a lot of people still do sex unprotected. They ++feel that the pleasure of sex is not fully experienced with the use of protection. This mindset has made the possibility of acquiring sex-related diseases more rampant than before.

There are different STDs now that are being discovered that do not come with any cure and yet there are still some activities that people do that can make STDs, HIV and AIDS even more spread out. When the juices are running high and people just want to get on with it, they would rather forget about protection and worry about it after.

What is Dogging?

One of the activities that is gaining popularity right now in some parts of the world particularly in Australia. Are you familiar with the term? Dogging is actually the process of meeting up in car parks in order to have sex with strangers or to watch other people have sex with each other. Some people think that this is harmless because they can just get off while watching other people have sex with each other. These people are called “watchers.” Those who would like to get into the action are called “joiners.”

There are some people who have sex who are perfectly happy with the thought that they are being watched and they will not welcome joiners anymore but there are some who will allow other people to join until it becomes one big orgy.

When Did Dogging Start?

There are different reports about the start of dogging. Some say that it has started more than 12 years ago in Britain. It was very popular then but over the past years, it has waned a bit probably because it has already spread out to other parts of the world. Sydney dogging is already becoming rampant and while most of the activity is done in the evening, there are some who go through the process during daytime.

What Makes Dogging Entertaining?

Some people might say that they do not get the logic behind dogging in Brisbane because it is just similar to watching porn. It was mentioned that you simply need to watch other people have sex while you masturbate to the act. This is also the reason why it is exciting. You are not going to watch from behind your television screen or your gadget. You are going to watch in person. You are going to see everything from a vantage point of view and you may even hear the different sounds too.

People would like to think that this is a very rare occurrence but this is not true at all. There are some people who have already called the attention of the authorities because they have gotten to know the location of “dogging hotspots” all over the area. Dogging hotspots refer to the places where different people normally have sex. This can be anywhere. There are some people who even make a place near schools, churches and other public establishments as their “dogging hotspot.”

Do you know that there are websites that will list down the different hotspots for dogging online? It was easier to find them before. Right now, you would have to go through different websites before you can get an actual list of the dogging sites that can be visited.

With all of the things that you have learned earlier, it is apparent that dogging is actually a popular thing that people do right now. This is still unheard of in other parts of the world but in Australia it has truly become popular with people searching for dogging locations to visit soon.

Some Known Dogging Tips

There are different websites that may list down the various rules that should be remembered when it comes to dogging such as the following:

  • When it comes to dogging, the woman is always in command. If the woman does not want a joiner, no one can join. If the woman wants to stop, she has the right to stop. Those who will not understand this rule will not be allowed to join the dogging community.

  • There are a lot more guys who are into dogging as compared to girls. This is the reason why women are more in demand and are in control of the situation. They have the final say when it comes to everything that can be done because there are only a few of them available even if people would scout the different local Australian dogging spots.

  • It will not be a good idea to turn on the headlights of your car so that you can see the action happening because other cars will be doing it too. This can make the location easier to spot by people who are trying to put a stop to dogging.

  • It is not a good idea to suddenly creep up and surprise the people who are having some action in their own vehicles. There is a chance that the people are just a couple having sex and they have no idea that they are in a dogging spot. It is best that you show yourself first before the action starts and if they permit you to watch, that is the time when you can.

  • People who are gay can use their flashing brake lights to show that they are ready for other gay partners, watchers and even joiners.

These are just some of the dogging tips that can be found online. What do you think of these tips? There are other tips available for joiners or for people who are being watched. People are recommended to leave no trace of the activity that they have gone through otherwise the dogging location will be more rampant to the authorities.

The Dangers of Dogging

The Dangers of Dogging

One of the most obvious dangers of dogging is getting caught by the authorities. Even couples who just love having sex in their own cars are in danger of getting caught. If you get caught having sex with your partner in a car, expect that you will be taken to a police station and will be asked to explain what you are doing.

There are still a lot of other dangers that you need to be aware of before you fully get to know this sex craze that people are talking about in hush-hush.

  1. This can increase the cases of sexually-transmitted disease because of all the unprotected sex that people do. There are some STDs that can be cured with the help of some medications but there are also some that will remain dormant for life. There are thousands of people who are registered to be part of the “dogging” group. Imagine how many people can spread the disease to others.

  2. People may have up to 10 unprotected sex with different and multiple partners in a week. This can cause a strain on their health eventually not only sexually but also their overall physical health. Some people get into rough sex with their partner and they end up getting hurt.

  3. Dogging will not stop unless there is someone who is outraged about the whole act that will report it to the law. This is considered to be a normal or regular thing in Australia right now even if people are still trying to keep it a secret. There are groups and agencies who are monitoring different dogging websites. They are checking the number of people who are joining every day.

  4. There is always a possibility that younger people will become enticed to join because they may view it as something that can give them freedom and adventure. It may also expose the younger generation to alcohol and drugs that are used by some of the people who engage in dogging.

  5. There is an evidence of rohypnol that is used at dogging locations. This is a type of drug that has been coined as a ‘date-rape’ drug because it can cause people to become submissive and they cannot do anything in order to defend themselves. Take note that in dogging, women are in control. If they are unable to do anything, they may find themselves participating in dogging against their will and they cannot do anything about it.

    More Dogging

There are some people who say that ever since the popularity of dogging in Australia, there are some prostitutes who also started to join the different activities for a certain fee. Since there is not enough girls, people are willing to pay a certain fee just to get some action whenever they need to do so. Other types of crime will possibly increase as the locations for dogging spread out.

With all of the details that you have learned about dogging, do you think that you know enough to spread awareness to other people who may also be curious about it? Get to know the facts first before you decide if this is something worth trying or not.

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