How to find dogging locations in Melbourne

How to find dogging locations in Melbourne

How to find dogging locations in Melbourne

Melbourne is the most populated and the capital city of Victoria state in Australia. Additionally, it’s the 2nd most populated city in Oceania and Australia. The name ‘Melbourne’ refers to the urban agglomeration of 800 square miles that comprises the metropolitan area of 31 municipalities. In addition, Melbourne is its city center’s common name. Melbourne occupies most of the bay of Port Philip coastline and spreads into hinterlands towards Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and Dandenong & Macedon ranges. Inhabitants of this city are known as ‘Melbournians’. The population of Melbourne city is 5 million, which is 19 percent of Australia’s total population.

Dogging in Melbourne

Dogging sex is the slang that refers to having sex either in public or semi-public places while others watch as the activity goes on. This activity involves more than two participants. In addition, group sex and gang banging can be included in dogging sex. Participants of this sexual activity arrange their meet ups in advance and meet frequently. 

Dogging in Melbourne is becoming increasingly popular in this city, mainly because of high population. This activity is ideal for individuals that undisclosed sex.  The increased cases of dogging sex in this city has resulted to an increase in the number of different dogging sex in the city. Registered members of this sites use them to find other local partners that are interested in having dogging sex. 

How to locate dogging spots in Melbourne

It’s true that almost all mature doggers in Melbourne know all the spots for dogging within their neighborhood more than they know their local supermarkets. However, there are many adults who are curious about the dogging lifestyle and do not have a clue of how they can find or identify the best spots for dogging in Melbourne. In addition, there are some doggers in Melbourne that are tired of heading to similar old dogging places. These doggers are at a point that they’re willing to give out anything in order to find a fresh crowd and new venues. 

It isn’t always that simple to locate spots for dogging in Melbourne. In addition, this can turn out to be either a miss or a hit if you do not where you should look. Driving to the nearest picnic spot or car park will waste your time and might even turn out to be very dangerous, especially if you’re alone. Therefore, the best way of ensuring that you certainly get some dogging sex is using some of the dogging sites in Melbourne as the recourse.

These dogging sites has listings of almost all the best dogging sex locations in Melbourne that you may use for your benefit, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or an experienced couple. These dogging sites update their lists of the dogging spots frequently. Additionally, they encourage their members to reach them through mail if doggers locate a new dogging location. The best thing with these dogging sites is that residents of Melbourne can browse through their database of best dogging location any time for free. 

In order to simply things, most dogging sites in Melbourne categorize their information according to city, town, area and country. For instance, if you’re interested to have dogging in Australia and you’re from Victoria, you can narrow the information down to a place like Melbourne. The search will then give you all the picnic spots, lay-bys, car parks as well as other outdoor places where dogging sex takes place. 

Once people of Melbourne join these sites, they are able to read the reviews of the best dogging locations. In addition, they can even watch various outdoor dogging sex videos in order to help them decide if they want to head out to those places. Besides out listing, these dogging sites in Melbourne provide other means of finding the best dogging locations. For instance, the sites have interactive features such as forums, internal mail blogs and chat rooms that can be utilized for that purpose. 

Most doggers that are members of these site also advertise that they’re heading out to a certain dogging location on the sex personal. Therefore, singles and couples can utilize such tools on those sites. This enables them to control their audience by only providing the specific directions and dogging location. However, members of these dogging sites should only do this after ensuring the dogger they’re inviting is reliable. This way, doggers in Melbourne can control the people that will turn up at a specific dogging location and avoid a lot of singles that are waiting you in.  

Dogging lifestyle in Melbourne

There is no dummy book or official guidebook that is written about this lifestyle of dogging. Therefore, if you’re interested about learning the rules & etiquette, continue reading this article. By doing so, you’ll learn each and every secret of a successful dogging sex. We’ll offer you an amazing overview, but you can then visit the blogs and forums in various dogging spots for specific regulations that are more detailed. 

There are some basic rules & etiquettes of dogging that we need you to be aware of. It does not matter if you’re a mature and experienced dogger or you’re completely new to the dogging lifestyle, you’ll still find this information interesting. These rules & etiquettes of dogging apply to all doggers in Melbourne, regardless of whether they’re a couple, individual, a group, bisexual, transsexual, gay or straight. 

Let us first discuss the word dogging. There are many misconceptions around this outdoor activity for adult. For instance, there is a misconception that this term means giving your sexual partner the hand job beneath the table in a restaurant. In addition, there is another one that claims that dogging refers to having sexual intercourse on the public beach at broad daylight in front of many families and ultimately being arrested by police. If you have read various newspaper reports on dogging, you will know why you wouldn’t that to occur to you, particularly if when you go to a strict Muslim country. 

That kind of behavior isn’t the lifestyle of dogging sex that most people approve of. Most of the respected and mature doggers in Melbourne do not place themselves and members of the public in uncomfortable circumstances like we’ve mentioned above. As a matter of fact, adult doggers in Melbourne dogging sites have enjoyed and engaged in this sexual activity for many years. These doggers will not be bored by the dogging sex activity anytime soon. However, in order to become a successful an experienced dogger in Melbourne, the secret is to follow dogging rules & etiquettes. If you follow those etiquettes and rules, you’ll still enjoy, although in a secure and safe environment. 

Dogging rules & etiquette in Melbourne

The 1st rule of dogging lifestyle in Melbourne is that one shouldn’t offend any group or individual with their behavior. In addition, you cannot force yourself to an individual or a couple. If a dogger does not want you to observe them while having dogging sex, leave them alone and respect their privacy. Bad personal hygiene and rude language should be kept under control.

When a newbie joins the dogging community of Melbourne, they get access to the legitimate dogging locations. These are places where they can engage in public sexual activity without being offensive to anybody. Additionally, we encourage doggers in Melbourne to only attend at those spots at the suggested time in the dogging sites. They should also follow the dogging etiquette strictly. This includes showing some respect to the environment. This can be done by not littering or doing a stupid thing like starting the fire in the forest area. Furthermore, dispose the used condoms in the trash can and avoid throwing them out of the car. 

When you wish to be followed by another couple to a spot that is more secluded, flash the headlights once the drive to that location. They’ll certainly follow if they want to. In addition, if you need the audience to either interact or touch you, open the doors of your car or roll down the window. 

Dogging locations in Melbourne

You may be new to this dogging scene in Melbourne and you do not know where you can find spots where adults into the dogging lifestyle hang out. As we previously stated, the easiest way is to join some of dogging sites in Melbourne. These sites list the best locations for dogging in Melbourne and also provide the reviews of extremely popular spots. 

Venues for dogging sex tend to be unconventional places. In addition are not like the swingers club. Therefore, using a dogging site will help you save time and effort. Otherwise, you’ll waste many hours driving while searching for possible dogging locations and end up frustrated. 

These dogging sites categorize their listing based on locations in Melbourne. Moreover you’ll be able to see the towns, cities and areas that have popular dogging areas. It is extremely convenient to find a lay-by, beach or even the car park that doggers within your region in Melbourne visit frequently.

These sites get regular updates of new dogging videos and locations to ensure doggers don’t get bored by same venues. They’ve some places that are very innovative form heritage sites and castles, to forest areas. In addition, every listing on these sites has directions so you will not get lost. These sites also have rues and specific time that apply to most of their dogging spots in Melbourne. 

The best thing with dogging sites in Melbourne is that they are convenient to navigate and can be browed at any time. Most of these sites provide their members with secure and safe environment for tracking down the best Melbourne dogging locations. Additionally, the sites do not charge their members anything after they use their facilities. They have extensive database that members can use. They also have various interactive features such as chat rooms, internal mail, personal ads, blogs and forums. All these features help doggers find out about the dogging spots in Melbourne. Some of the popular dogging locations in Melbourne include; Yarraville gardens, Mahoneys reserve, The Empress hotel and Flagstaff Gardens. Other Melbourne dogging spots are Fawkner Park and Village Cinemas Gold Class. 

Dogging in Melbourne basics

Unlike the adult wife swapping events and parties in private residences, you do not need an invitation for dogging. However, there are a few things and dogging basics one can take along with them if they want the dogging activity to be successful. Although dogging lifestyle is an informal activity, there are some strict rules that one should adhere to. These are what we’re referring to as the dogging basics and they involve some don’ts and do’s. These rules ensures that dogging participants feel comfortable during the act without crossing any line. 

Dogging sex is a night time sport and only takes place after dark. This is mainly due to the fact that most locations in Melbourne are family days during the day. The other basic is that you should always be prepared by carrying the necessary items and being hygienic. Some of the common essentials that you should take with you during dogging include; mouth wash, deodorant and condoms. Others items include; tissues, wet wipes, warm clothing, a blanket, disposable gloves and KY jelly.  Additionally, have directions to a dogging locations to ensure that you don’t miss out the action or get lost. 

Dress up appropriately when heading out for dogging putting convenient access into consideration. Once you arrive at the dogging location, give a pleasant indication to the other single people or couples if you wish them to watch or join in. in addition, respect other adult’s privacy and look for indications or signals before you make a move. Some of these indications include leaving the light in the car on, flashing headlights, an open door of the car or a window that is rolled down. All in all, you should enjoy yourself when having dogging sex. 

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  1. Hi guys. I'm brand new to this and don't know what to expect. Looking forward to hearing from you all. I'm Irish. OK bye 🙂

  2. I want to start dogging, it's always turned me on . I'm not shy at all, I so want to get in on this!

    1. Kim if you are interested send me a message on kik (pricktec69)
      happy to show you the ropes and help you out

  3. How do I join so that I know where to go?

    I just want to watch, I'm 72, but have the libido of a 20 year old, I live alone, and have grown tired of on line porn, and hoped this might be a bit more exciting.

  4. I am new to this idea of public sex. Wanting to join in or to watch. Looking for females or husband and wife couples. Would love to give this a try

  5. Hi, where is a good safe place for my lover and I to meet for sex ? We both live in Brunswick and cannot meet at any of our own homes.

  6. Hi, I am in Melbourne staying in a lovely hotel. I am bi male so is any woman, couples keen on meeting in a discrete hotel room for some fun. 13/Oct/. 2020 leaving 16/Oct. let me know. Age 54

  7. Slutty CD 50 years old non passable in easter suburbs looking for suggested locations and participants for group sessions

  8. Single healthy happy horny clean male
    looking to visits sites to watch and play if possible.
    Warm weather…
    Out of lockdown.

  9. Where are safe and inviting dogging spots for single females?
    Am 32, busty, tall, a bit chubby and very curious about entering the dogging world and in the northern suburbs…

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