There is a walk path along Beach Rd. Find a parking space in the car park then take a walk up the track. You will go past the toilets, head into the bushes. There is a hole in the fence on the right side along the track. This is a good spot for you, and you can enjoy a good time on the grassy knoll table just by the cement path that heads to the beach....


This is right in the middle of a suburban area, a very good place to be. There are some bushes just close to Lakewood Drive, and this is where all the action goes down. Find a parking lot near Lakewood Drive then walk into the park. The best place is just around the bushy area close to Cassinia Close & Lakewood Drive....

Ararat Green Hill Lake

For such a small country town, this is a really busy spot. Drive into the reserve east of Ararat, just off the Western Highway. Go down the tracks round the lakeshore. You should see the toilet block. Proceed ahead until you find a picnic shelter. Find a place to park or you can also park under the trees by the shore....

Victoria Gardens High St Prahran

After darkness sets in, this is a very good place to be. There are a number of quiet spots where you can relax and have a good time. You can also sit and enjoy some quiet on the Rotunda. It is quite an impressive place to get your freak on. ...


You can try the blocks off the bush behind the caravan park, close to the Weir bridge. Another option would be to drive down Murray Valley as you head to Wangaratta, then before you reach Silverwoods, take the turn at the corner where there used to be an old drive in. Drive down that road until you get to the grass parking at the Bowling Club. Both of these are usually good places to be from dusk up until later in the evening. In fact, you could still find a lot of people here later in the ev...

Green gully reserve rear car park

Off Green gully Reserve, you should take the roundabout to the right, then drive to the end of the lane. You should see a gravel car park. It is a quiet place, secluded and people rarely come here. You can stay here and relax for a while without any interruption. ...

Balyang Reserve

When you exit Shannon Avenue, drive onto Marnock Rd until you pass the old mill. As you head towards the public toilets, especially near the car park you should see some action. There is also another small car park just close to the river. If you go back on Marnock Rd, take your right turn into Riversdale Rd. Drive on and make your right turn into the car park. From 9pm you should find people here....

Bonnie Doon Bridge

There is a small car park on the side opposite the pub, just close to the bridge and rail trail. There is usually a lot of action here. It is a common meeting point for most couples, hence the intense activity. You will find people nude swimming here on hot nights, so it is a good place for some fun....

Warrandyte Jumping Creek

There is a car park right at the end of the driveway. You should drive off Jumping Creek Rd. You will find a sign that says the gates should close by 9pm, but this never really happens. Besides, you will find a handful of people here. On a hot evening, it is a good place to be, since you can jump into the river to cool off....

Lysterfield Park Narre Warren

If you are in Warren on Friday or Saturday evening, head down to Horswood Rd. and drive all the way to the end. You might find a dew people already parked down there. If not, you can leave your lights on, which will attract more people. You will definitely meet some couples here....



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