Dogging in Gawler was one of the locations sent in to us via the new pop up we created if you know more information on this location please email us and we will be happy to update this location ASAP thank you very much D... read more

Maslin Beach Dogging

This nude beach is one of the most popular, especially during the hot weekends, during the day and at night. As the sun goes down, you will realize there is a lot of fun around the car park. The beach is always packed fo... read more

Yalumba Reserve

Once the sun sets, this is one of the best places you can visit. There are so many awesome things that happen around here, especially during the warm seasons, and occasionally on any random day. There is street parking a... read more

Port River Expressway parking bay

Drive along Port River Expressway and as you come towards Port Adelaide, you will find a parking bay to the left side of the road. Drive on for a few meters, then just before you get to the South Road overpass, you will ... read more

Gorge Rd, Athelstone

Just as you start the trail of hills along Gorge Rd, Athelstone, there is a dirt track on the left of the pump house on the right side of the road. Drive down here and find a good parking spot. Take a walk along the trac... read more

Beach end of Button Road, Sellicks Beach

There is a very good spot here for dogging, especially as you come to the end of Button Rd. along Sellicks Beach. Off Button Rd., drive down to the beach until you get to the car park. From time to time you will come acr... read more

Kaurna Park

You will see the carpark at Kaurna Park right opposite Springbank Plaza, Waterloo Corner Rd. This happens to be a very good place where you can grab a quickie. You can do this on the bench or the lookout. There are a lot... read more