Coogee Beach

In the recent past there has been quite some action on Coogee Beach, just 100 meters to the left of the Jetty. The best time to be here for couples is during the evening or early in the morning....

Broadwater car park, Busselton

Males, couples and bi males usually find this to be a very convenient spot for them, especially in the evening or during lunch hour. Drive on and find a parking space. Flash your brake lights a number of times to alert any interested party. You can also turn the interior lights on and off a number of times and you will be approached, or you can also approach other cars signaling you. In case you are here for some dogging action, when you are approached, it is best to have your shirt raised or yo...


Located along Pratt Road, Eaton Up. Drive until you go past the bowling club, and the limestone track. You will see the gate, which is always open. Go down like you are heading to the river then find a parking spot. To the right of the car park, just in front of the toilets, you will find some people here. It is an ideal spot especially from lunch hours onwards, and even better after 6.00 pm....

Braye Park ( lookout), Newcastle

An ideal spot close to Mater Hospital. You will enter off Edith Street, Waratah West. This is a good place to meet people, and is common with all types of personalities. You will find some gay action here, bi men too. More often there is a lot of couple action here at the up top car park up to around 2.00 am, but you will also find some discrete dogging going down under. You can also enter through the path that goes into the park. You will find single girls and couples here in their cars or on ...

Dubbo Buttlers Falls

This is a very good place, given that it is located just a little out of town, and in a secluded section along the Macquarie River. Drive down Macquarie Street as you leave town, then take the right turn at the Lazy River Winery. Keep driving to the end of the road then take another right turn into Buttlers Falls. Make your way to the top flat close to the toilet block, and you will find a lot of space here where you can have so much fun and some good time. It is an incredible spot after dark, b...

C’mon Tamworth doggers!

Calling on all the doggers in Tamworth. I have been to the park right at the top of the hill but there was not any action there. Perhaps I was not lucky on that day, or maybe things are not happening there like before. Surely, there has to be one or two horny girls or even couples looking for some anon sex in the outdoors – of course without bats getting the front row seats to some action – so, nothing to do with the river please. Ladies, just let us know where and when, and am certain a num...

Echuca Hwy from Mathoura to echuca

Hello, guys, we are working on a new plan for RESTSTOP. You will get some good dogging action along Echuca Highway. The rates will vary depending on the occasion and the number of people available. At times you can find just one person or at times a group already here. They will, however, have a special logo to identify themselves depending on the location. If you are ready for the first light day fuck fest, show up, there will definitely be a lot of action here....

Stud Park Shopping Centre Car Park

Stud Park Shopping Centre Car Park is one of the most outstanding dogging locations in Melbourn, Australia. Many people come here regularly at night for a dogging experience with their girlfriends. The car park to the shopping complex is large and the shops are always locked at night, making this spot the perfect location to give your girlfriend or escort an impressive dogging experience. Be that as it may, the cops get very suspicious at midnight. So, make sure you and your girl have rounded th...

Currarong Beach

Would you love a memorable time with your family, friends or loved ones? The Currarong Beach is the perfect place to be. It is located at Currarong, which is about two hours drive from Sydney. The water makes a perfect spot for kayaking and swimming. You can also take your love for picnicking to the park at the beach. The caravan park or the more frontal car park can also serve as perfect dogging spots at night and they give you a wide view of beach. ...

Braye Park Newcastle

The Braye Park, Newcastle is the perfect site for fun and relaxation. During the day, it is used as playground for young and old alike. However, it becomes a haven for those involved in dogging activities during the night. The park is located close to the entry to Mater Hospital, off Edith Street in Waratah West. It is also one of the oldest dogging sites in Newcastle....



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