Adult Sex The internet is full of tips and information on how to have a better sexual experience with many of the advisers claiming to be the best. However, findings have shown that many of them are far from being reliable and that many of the so-called experts do not have much knowledge about what […]

Real Sex Many girls are looking for sex in Australia, just like many men are searching for the same thing. If you are sex starved in Australia, it is a sign that you do not know where to turn or how to find girls to warm your bed and not because there are no girls […]

Wife Dogging

Dogging is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. It can add spice to your sex life and make a past uninteresting sex life to assume an entirely new life. If you and your wife are having a problem with your sex life, wife dogging can help to turn things around and give you a new lease of […]

Casual Encounters Brisbane

Maybe you have always wondered what it would feel like to have casual sex with a stranger or the girl next door, but you do not know how to go about it or how such might end. One rule of thumb is that casual sexual encounter for sex is supposed to be relaxed and not […]

Melbourne hookups

Hookup is a term that is currently gaining a lot of popularity in the world of social dating where it is merely used to refer to a situation where people meet to interact or even have a sexual encounter of a casual nature. This definition, however, depends on the intentions of a person when interacting […]


Aussiecupid- Dating in Australia Introduction Aussiecupid helps to bring Australian people interested in serious dogging and dating together for interaction. To be able to access profiles of members registered with this site, you only need to sign up at no cost and immediately start conversing with many Australian singles looking for relationships using the advanced […]

Dogging videos

Dogging is a very common British word that is simply used to refer to the act of having or watching sex by more than one person in public. It has gained a lot of popularity within the last 20 years especially in pornographic materials. This usually happens in hidden outdoor places and parking lots. It […]

Adelaide Swingers

It seems that some people find it appealing to do some swinging. Are you familiar with what swinging means? You might think that this is the process wherein you would swing from a high area, but swinging is different in today’s terms. Swinging is now considered to be a modern and sexual term. There are […]

Dogging Shopping List

Introduction Dogging simply translates to having sex with a total stranger in a public place with other people watching the act. The experience is unique and can fill you with adrenaline. At times, swingers can participate in dogging. Dogging may be an illegal activity, but those who participate in it usually have a set of […]