Dogging Etiquette: 14 Rules to Follow

How to Prepare for Your Next Dogging Outing in Australia

There are several dogging sites in Australia, and everyone is welcome to have fun. While you are free to watch as people have sex in the open, you will need to be invited before you can join them and have a share of sexual enjoyment. Dogging is an informal activity, but several unwritten rules and […]

What is “Dogging” – The Truth about Dogging in Australia

There are a lot of people who would say that using condoms while having sex can be very uncomfortable for them. This explains why a lot of people still do sex unprotected. They ++feel that the pleasure of sex is not fully experienced with the use of protection. This mindset has made the possibility of […]

Who Wants To Know About Dogging In Australia

The idea of Dogging was derived from the clause “walking the dog.” In the real sense, what happens while many “walk their dogs” is sexual fun in cars and public places. Public sex is an entirely different form of sexual experience. Public sex experience in Australia, like what obtains in virtually all other countries globally […]